Since Rotary is the world’s largest service organization, with over 1.2 million members, there are many levels of Club and fellow member expectations. But worldwide, when we look at the basics of Rotary, The Object of Rotary, the Motto, and the Avenues of Service, we can crystallize the following most basic expectations of Rotarians:

  • Members are professionals, executives, and managers of good character and reputation.
  • Members have the discretionary authority to marshal their occupational and financial resources for projects.
  • Members are committed to become involved and support local Rotary Club projects and Rotary International humanitarian projects.
  • Members are committed and able to meet the 60% minimum attendance requirement.
  • Members are committed and able to meet the financial obligations of membership.
  • Members seek to participate in and/or lead Club committees, projects, board membership, offices, etc.



The above are our most fundamental, our minimum expectations for a successful and significant Club. Good people. Good stuff. Good cause(s). And we also remind our members of what they can expect to gain, as active Rotarians:

  • Friendship
  • Business development
  • Personal growth & development
  • Community citizenship
  • World citizenship
  • Continuing education
  • Fun
  • Public speaking
  • Travel fellowship
  • Entertainment
  • Social development
  • Family programs
  • Vocational development
  • Ethical development
  • Cultural awareness
  • Prestige
  • Nice people
  • Opportunity to serve effectively
  • Effect change at community and international levels





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