Track on Working with Children, Teens and Their Families (AHC145) New | Allegany College of Maryland

The Children´s Track starts with the workshop described above (AHC144) – mandatory for all taking the Children´s Track. The program’s focus will be on teaching mind-body skills in a child-friendly way with age appropriate toys and materials that enhance all developmental stages and provide understanding for the child in the attainment of new mind-body skills, stress reduction, and self-awareness. A manual developed by our senior CMBM faculty working with children and teens will be made available as a resource with plenty of ideas, worksheets, and didactic which can be used in private, group, schools, community and hospital settings. Participants will be coached in a group format as well as individual consultation on their specific situations in working with kids, teens, and families. The opportunity to lead their group will be enhanced by presenting the didactic in child terms, but the group “check in” and process will be as adults so experience will be gained on all levels. Pre-requisite: Studying the PowerPoints provided ahead of the training. If you are not currently working with children/teens, we will ask you to do basic reading on child psychology and development. We recommend you take this track only if majority of your work is with children/teens. If you work equally with children and adults, we suggest you come to the Advanced Training twice. This track requires additional studying ahead of time, especially for those who don´t have educational background with children specialization, for example education/child psychology/pediatrics or similar area. The materials provided when you register must be reviewed ahead of time – they are a necessary background for the track itself, and will not be covered again onsite as we have much to share with you and only limited time. To register, select the Children’s Track or select the mini-workshop only for those attending adult track when registering. Certification candidates should attend the adult track.

3/11-3/15, Wednesday (5 Sessions)
8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

*Grant funded seats may be available for targeted participants. Please email for more information.  

ACM: CC Zimmer Theatre
Instructor: Dr. James Gordon

Course Cost: $840.00 includes lunch each day

MD Senior Course Cost: $830.00 includes lunch each day

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