Therapeutic Aquatic Instruction- Water Aerobics (C/S111) | Allegany College of Maryland

Water Aerobics uses the resistance of the water to take pressure off joints while toning and strengthening the muscles.  This course is designed to improve the health of seniors and non-seniors, both men and women, through aquatic education and awareness training. Instruction will focus on therapeutic health concepts and practices. Topics include: physical activity and wellness; flexibility using light rhythmic activity; muscle tone and coordination. 








3/3-5/12, Tuesday (11 sessions)

5:15-6:15 PM (Open Swim: 4:15-5:15 PM)

ACM: Gym Pool

Instructor: Sharon Derlan

Course Cost: $40.00

Maryland Senior Course Cost: $15.00


3/5-5/21, Thursday (11 sessions)

No class 4/9

5:15-6:15 PM (Open Swim: 4:15-5:15 PM)

ACM: Gym Pool

Instructor: Kristi Devore, AAAI/ISMA

Course Cost:  $40.00      

Maryland Senior Course Cost: $15.00





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