Appliqué Blocks by Hand (C/S410) New | Allegany College of Maryland


This class will help you learn different appliqué techniques, how to start your project, color, embellishments, some dimensional flowers, wool and much more. We will work on successful methods and tricks for creating sharp points, smooth curves, narrow stems and perfect circles. This class is design for beginner to intermediate level students and is to be fun without any pressure. You will have time in class to stitch in case you need any help or have problems. No matter what appliqué project you are working on, the methods you use are basically the same. We are going to relax, learn and improve your appliqué knowledge.


Supplies Needed:

Basic sewing supplies, paper and small embroidery scissors, fine needles size 10 or 11 Milliner or Sharps, cotton thread (I like 50/3 weight) to match or blend with appliqué fabrics, straight pins, pencil or other marking tool, paper for notes, fabric for your pattern. The pattern is your choice but if you are a beginner it’s best to start with one that has less detail and pieces are small. If you pick something you want to do it will be more enjoyable. So, if you have something you always wanted to do but where afraid to start, now is the time. If you are new or afraid to start on a project, then work on technique blocks. If you have questions on a pattern, please contact the instructor through Denise Ware at 301-784-5069.


2/20-4/2, Thursday (6 sessions)

No class 3/12

9:30-11:30 AM


2/20-4/2, Thursday (6 sessions)

No class 3/12

6:30-8:30 PM

ACM: CE Building

Instructor: Elaine Reuschlein

Course Cost: $35.00

Maryland Senior Course Cost: $20.00


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