Beekeeping, Intro to (C/S450) | Allegany College of Maryland

What’s all the buzz?  Join us for an educational, informative and exciting new course as conservation planner and skilled beekeeper Ben Cooper leads participants into the exciting world of beginner beekeeping.  The class will focus on the history and types of Honey Bees, colony structure, bee biology and development, and keeping a healthy hive.  Participants will also learn about proper protective gear, tools of the trade and hive location.  As the class progresses, other discussion topics will include  trapping methods, packages, swarms, establishing colonies, invasive extractions, transporting hives and avoiding threats from humans and animals.  A field trip to an active bee yard will be part of the class. The required text book for this course is "Beekeeping Basics" distributed by the MAAREC: Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and the USDA and is included in the course materials. A "Certificate of Completion" will be awarded at the end of this course.

3/23-4/27, Monday (6 Sessions)
6:00 PM - 8:30 PM
ACM: CE Building
Instructor: Ben Cooper

Course Cost: $50.00 (includes the price of materials and text book "Beekeeping Basics")

Maryland Senior Course Cost: $35.00

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