The World Surrounding "Outlander" (C/S473) New | Allegany College of Maryland

For lovers of the books and TV show “Outlander” is as much a leap through time as it is for Clare Beauchamp. We are transplanted into a world as foreign to us as it was to a war nurse from the 1940s. It is a world of alien rituals and traditions, of primitive sanitation and medicine, of odd-sounding language and music, of politics and alliances that are confusing and daunting. In this class we will explore the historical events and cultural atmosphere which are the setting for Diana Gabaldon’s award-winning drama. We will learn about the Jacobite uprising which colors the initial years of the plot, the religion and superstitions of the times, and the Scottish clans and culture which surround Clare in her new century. The music, art, and literature of 18th century Scotland, England and France will inform our understanding of Jamie and Clare’s challenges. Then we will move on to America before the Revolution, and explore how the situation in the Colonies affected the Frasers in their search for safety and peace. Politics, wars, culture, history, economy – these form the structure for the story of “Outlander”, and to understand them is to understand the saga of Clare Beauchamp. Do a deep dive into the culture surrounding “Outlander”, and enjoy the music, art and literature of the period. Students should bring a packed lunch.

5/2, Saturday (1 Session)
9:00 AM - 2:00 PM
ACM: CE Building
Instructor: Ellen McDaniel-Weissler

Course Cost: $30.00

Maryland Senior Course Cost: 25.00

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