Scratch Art (C/S491) - New Course

Scratch art is a unique art form using scratchboard. I tell students that it is the same as drawing, only backwards. Scratchboard is a wooden panel coated with a layer of white clay, the same clay that is used to make china, then sprayed with a layer of black India ink. It was developed for the professional scratch artist.


The original design is lightly scratched into the black ink surface using very delicate tools; concentrating on lights and darks until the desired effect is achieved. Each image is literally thousands of scratches allowing for precise detail and control of lines, enabling the artist to bring the piece to life. Because of it’ durability newspapers illustrators used this type of art for advertising since it could be used more than once for ads.


A material fee of $10 will be collected the first night of class.

9/10-10/8, Tuesday (5 Sessions)
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
ACM: Humanities Building
Instructor: Donna Housel

Course Cost: $35.00

Maryland Senior Course Cost: $15.00