ENOUGH! Learning to Love Your Imperfect Self (C/S530) New | Allegany College of Maryland

I see and hear so many of you struggling with feeling inadequate, unloved, not good enough, and expect that things won’t get better. Maybe you grew up being criticized or bullied at home or school, maybe you were in a romantic relationship where you were disrespected, cheated on, or ignored. When you feel that way about yourself, it has a rippling effect: you settle for mediocre relationships and jobs and you don't have the confidence to go for your goals. Sometimes, a person will develop unhealthy habits to cope with these feelings like self-harm and using substances.

We are all uniquely beautiful and interesting and the Universe needs us to love ourselves! When we love ourselves, flaws and all, we raise our expectations of others, say “no more!” to abuse, have confidence, take chances, and no longer beat ourselves up.

This course takes a look at how these feelings began, how it has impacted your life, and most importantly, 25+ strategies to learn to love yourself.

C.J. has been a Therapist, Behavior Specialist, and Life Coach for over two decades and brings her unique style of instruction to ACM.

9/17, Tuesday (1 Session)
5:30 PM - 8:00 PM
ACM: CE Building
Instructor: C.J. Cangianelli

Course Cost: $36.00

Maryland Senior Course Cost: $36.00

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