Master Gardener (C/S567) | Allegany College of Maryland

The University of Maryland Extension will be offering a Master Gardener Basic Training course for individuals who would like to become a certified Maryland Master Gardener or who would just like to learn more about gardening. This course provides 40 educational hours consisting of a mixture of classroom and hands on training on a variety of topics including soil health, composting, integrated pest management, plant diseases, fruit and vegetable growing, native and invasive plants, lawn care and much more!  Upon successfully completing basic training, students may choose to become a Master Gardener Intern. Interns must provide 40 hours of volunteer service before becoming certified Master Gardeners.  Master Gardeners must complete 10 hours of continuing education as well as 20 volunteer hours per year in order to retain their certification. Students will pay $69.00 for a textbook the first night of class. Students may share books.

10/1-11/7, Tuesday and Thursday (12 sessions)

1:00-4:00 PM

ACM:  CE Building

Instructor:  Sherry Frick

ACM: CE Building

Course Cost: $62.00

Maryland Senior Course Cost: $52.00

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