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Vet Assist.
Vet Assist.

Coming Fall of 2021 ~ Date & Times TBD

Are you interested in working with animals in a veterinary clinic or hospital? Are you interested in this training for your own personal enrichment? Either way, this course may be for you! The Veterinary Assistant curriculum is composed of 72 hours of classroom instruction (CHE450) and 44 hours of practical experience (CHE451) for a total training time of 116 hours. Students that successfully complete the following four modules are awarded a Certificate of Achievement.

NOW CHE450 - 451: Veterinary Assistant Training I: Outpatient Care

Veterinary Assistant Training II: Diagnostic and Pharmacy

Veterinary Assistant Training III: Patient Care & Treatment

Veterinary Assistant Training IV: Surgery, Anesthesia, and Emergency Care

The Veterinary Assistant training is intended for the person that enjoys working with both animals and humans. The most successful students will be those that have: (1) the interpersonal skills needed to deal compassionately and professionally with the public, (2) a strong work ethic and ability to be where they need to be when they are supposed to be there, and (3) able to work in fast paced environment. NOTE: This is NOT a two-year degree program which results in the awarding of a Veterinarian Technician college diploma.

Students will work in the vet clinics during this period so hours and "instructors" will vary.


Instructor: Lytle/Various

Course Cost: $ TBD

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