Tai Chi Chih (CHE224) | Allegany College of Maryland

Tai Chi Chih is a form of Chi Kung consisting of 19 movements and one pose. The practice is based on traditional Chinese medicine techniques focused on circulating and balancing internal energy (chi), and was developed by Justin Stone, a Tai Chi Chuan master, as a simple yet effective method for Westerners to learn and participate in the practice without benefit of years of study with a master. Individuals practice Tai Chi Chih throughout the United States and many other countries of the world and are taught the standardized form by accredited teachers who renew their training on a regular basis. This simple technique is easy and enjoyable to learn for people of all ages, including those who must perform it while seated. The beautiful flowing movements are relaxing, and are reported to reduce stress; regulate blood pressure; increase focus and concentration; improve balance, strength and circulation; improve immunity; and increase energy levels.


10/20-12/8, Tuesday (8 Sessions)
5:30 PM - 6:45 PM


Instructor: Suanne Lewis

8 sessions Course Cost: $64.00 


MD Senior:

8 sessions Course Cost: $64.00



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