Periodontal Disease & Its Role in Overall Health & Wellness (CHE337) | Allegany College of Maryland

Over the past 30 years, a wealth of research has been performed and published on the relationship between oral health, specifically periodontal disease, and systemic health.  More recently, the concept of wellness has been spreading within the health community.  This program will provide the participant a review of the research to date regarding the relationship of periodontal disease and systemic disease, with the focus on this concept of wellness.  Chronic diseases included in this review will be diabetes, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, and Alzheimer’s disease.  The content will also cover emerging research on the impact of nutrition on oral health and oral inflammation.

 Following completion of this course, the participant will: 

  1. Outline the oral-systemic biological relationship 
  2. Describe the latest research on the relationship between periodontal disease and the major chronic diseases
  3. Discuss the emerging research on the role nutrition plays in oral health and oral inflammation
  4. Educate patients who present with periodontal disease and an associated chronic disease regarding the relationship and steps that can be taken to reduce the impact of oral disease on chronic illness, which will lead to overall wellness.

11/15, Friday (1 Session)
8:30 AM - 4:00 PM
ACM: Cumberland Country Club
Instructor: Fotinos S. Panagakos, D.M.D, Ph.D.

Course Cost:

AGDS Member Dentists:  $99.00

AGDS Member Dentists Maryland Senior Rate (60+): $90.00

Non-AGDS Dentists: $199.00

Non-AGDS Dentists Maryland Senior Rate (60+): $190.00 

AGDS Member Dentist Hygienists, Assistants and Staff:  $69.00

AGDS Member Dentist Hygienists, Assistants and Staff Maryland Senior Rate (60+): $60.00

Non-AGDS Hygienists, Assistants and Staff: $99.00 

Non-AGDS Hygienists, Assistants and Staff: Maryland Senior Rate (60+): $90.00 

All other Professions:  $129.00, Maryland Senior Rate (60+): $120.00 

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