Massage for People Living with Cancer (CHE366) New | Allegany College of Maryland

The course is open to licensed, certified, or professional massage therapists; massage students enrolled in a professional training program who have completed Swedish Massage I or the equivalent; body workers certified in other non-invasive modalities; or by instructor permission. This course prepares individuals in giving comfort oriented, relaxation massage/touch to people living with cancer and for those at risk for lymphedema. This is a foundational training course in oncology massage and recognized by S40M (Society for Oncology Massage) as such. On the final day of the training, participants will hold a clinic for cancer patients in the ACM Massage Therapy Lab.

Required Advanced Reading

Because each minute of time available to us in class is precious, some advanced reading is required from Medicine Hands: Massage for People Living with Cancer, 3rd Ed. (2014, Findhorn Press). Please read Chapters 4 and 5. Prior familiarity with some of the subject matter will allow class time to be spent in deeper discussion of the material. 

The course is 24 hours over three days. In order to receive a certificate of completion, and 24 CEUs from NCB, participants must attend all 24 hours. 

Day One:

  • Opening our heart to those with serious illness
  • Lecture: Massage adjustment for:
    • Metastasis
    • Surgery
    • Chemotherapy
  • Hands-on Learning: Adjusting our work:
    • Surgery
    • Chemotherapy

Day Two:

  • Lecture: Massage adjustment for:
    • Radiation
    • Lymphedema


  • Hands-on Learning –
    • Radiation
    • Risk of Lymphedema

Day Three:

  • Hands-on Learning
    • Risk of Lymphedema
  • Intake Process and Practice
  • Clinic Preparation
  • Client Sessions
  • Closure and Debriefing


Participants taking this class will be able to:

  • Identify their emotional relationship to cancer.
  • Discuss the basics of metastasis and the role of genetic mutation in the process of cancer.
  • List the cautions needed when massaging cancer patients who have undergone surgery, radiation, and chemo.
  • Explain the relationship between lymphedema and cancer treatment and demonstrate the adjustments needed when working with a client at risk for lymphedema.
  • Practice the intake process and then perform it with a client who has a history of cancer.
  • Administer a relaxation massage to a client who has cancer or is recovering from it.


*This course was developed and is copyrighted by Gayle MacDonald, MS, LMT and author of “Medicine Hands”© (1999, 2007 and 2014) and “Massage for the Hospitalized Patient and Medically Frail Client” © (2005).

5/1-5/3, Friday (1 Session)
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
ACM: Allied Health Building
Instructor: Mary Aguilera-Titus, LMT, BCMTB

Course Cost: $480.00

MD Senior Course Cost: $470.00

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