Refusal Skills in a Relapse Perspective (DHR592) New | Allegany College of Maryland

The intent of this training is to teach professionals the model of refusal skills so as they can teach the clients they work with. The model can be implemented to psychologically stable youth, at risk youth and youth that have been psychologically traumatized as well as adults.    

The purpose of this training is to teach participants the model of refusal skills, so they may utilize it as a relapse prevention strategy with the clients that they counsel, educate or supervise. The model that will be learned is a tri-fold, developmental model. The first phase is identifying and understanding high-risk situations before they happen. This phase stresses identification and avoidance of consequence. The second phase is consequential decision-making. This teaches people how to think, respond and consider the consequences before making a decision This phase is very effective for people who react before thinking. The last phase is the actual refusal skills that teach people how to be assertive and refuse offers that place them at risk. There be will a heavy emphasis placed upon relationships as high-risk situations and the connection to behavioral relapse. This training is skilled base; hence it will include short exercises relapse oriented and role playing.

9/18, Friday (1 Session)
9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
ACM: CE 12-14
Instructor: Bruce Schaffer

Course Cost: $99.00

MD Senior Course Cost: $94.00

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