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Nail Technician Program (DHR600, DHR601 & DHR602)

Allegany College of Maryland’s Nail Technician program prepares students to apply for the required examination to become a Licensed Nail Technician. The 250 hours of instruction include theory, demonstration and practical application. Upon completion of the course (Module I, II, III) students will be provided with the information for the state licensing exam. The student is responsible for paying the cost of the exam.

The program is divided into 3 modules which are included in the program cost. This fee also includes a Nail Technician Kit that students keep for their personal and professional use. The required textbook and workbooks are also included in the course fee.

• Module I – General nail technician instruction and theory, demonstration and practical application.

• Module II – Manicure and pedicure procedures, electric filing and how to apply wraps and nail tips. Anatomy and physiology of the hand and nails is also reviewed.

• Module III – Learn laws and regulations, explore career opportunities and discuss salon management.


Mondays & Thursdays: 250 hours

Questions? Please contact Christa Snyder, 301-784-5530 or


Limited $500 scholarships available to Allegany County residents!  (3 or more years residency)


9/10-3/4, Thursday (26 Sessions)
4:00 PM - 8:30 PM
ACM: CE Building
Instructor: Sherry McMillan

Course Cost: $2,200.00

Senior Course Cost: $2,195.00

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