Computer Basics - Intermediate (EDP931) | Allegany College of Maryland

This course increases your understanding of computers using the Windows 10 operating system as well as several software applications. You will explore a wide range of computer skill topics as this course is designed to build on and enhance the skills learned in EDP930, Computer Basics Introduction. You will learn to conduct Internet searches, format text using a word processor, create basic formulas using spreadsheet software, and backup data files to a flash drive or CD. The course also will build on your knowledge of managing a PC. You should have mastery of the skills taught in EDP930 to enroll in this class.


4/16-5/14, Thursday (5 Sessions)
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Instructor: Richard Soderman

Course Cost: $110.00

Maryland Senior Course Cost: $100.00

Take BOTH courses & save 25%!  Computer Basics - The Complete Series (EDP932) $170.00 (MD SR - $160.00) $100 scholarships available to Allegany County residents! (3 or more years residency)

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