Breaking down the “OTHERING” of Latin Americans: Ethical Considerations of working with Spanish Speaking Immigrants, Asylum Seekers and Refugees (HSP591) New | Allegany College of Maryland

Coming Spring 2021- date to be determined

This training will highlight the key ethical social work practice considerations when working with Spanish Speaking Immigrants (especially new arrivals.) There will be interactive learning opportunities to explore the unique concrete physical and psychological needs experienced by the diverse populations of Spanish Speaking Immigrants. We will also review ethical considerations in the use of Evidence Based Clinical Interventions. The morning will focus on a brief overview of the immigration crisis experienced by immigrants and refugees from Latin America, especially those coming from the Norther Triangle of Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. Specific vignettes highlighting culturally specific needs from the diverse Latin American Immigrant and Refugee populations will serve to highlight both the needs and the strengths newcomers bring to the immigrant experience.

 Also included the introduction of the concept of “othering” as a strategy used in the United States to maintain power “status quo”. Participants will work in small groups to apply the concepts and formulate ethical, inclusive responses to vignettes highlighting common examples of othering. The afternoon will review the Best Practices for approaching Work with Latino Immigrants on the Micro, Mezzo and Macro levels of intervention. Students will learn how to apply the concepts of Cultural Humility, Legal Sensitivity and Attunement to Population Diversity at each of the three main Social Work Practice levels. Students will have an opportunity to explore how to implement Evidence Based Best Practices across the lifecycle with special attention to becoming aware of “othering” factors that impede inclusivity and community cohesion and how to counter these factors in an ethical and empowering manner.

ACM: CE 12-14
Instructor: Donna Batkis

Course Cost: TBD

MD Senior Course Cost:

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