radioACTIVE (PRO163) | Allegany College of Maryland

How do we impact our co-workers? How do we impact our world?

radioACTIVE partners with you to assist your group in moving toward a collective vision and relationship through collective experiences and discussions. The radioACTIVE experience starts with an assessment. Together, we will discuss goals for what you want to accomplish. Your assessment includes a discussion of the abilities of the participants so no one feels left behind or unable to complete the experience. From start to finish, you will take ownership of the plans. Instructor, Robert Godfrey, graduated from Alderson-Broaddus University with a bachelor degree in social work and from West Virginia University with a master degree in Socal Work. Over his career, he has worked in adolescent group homes, psychiatric hospital, outpatient ment health clinic, special education school, and managing services to adults with developmental disabilities.

He has employed team building exercises into nearly evey one of his employment sites and is in high demand as a facilitator. Robert is a graduate of Heart of a Leader and Heart of a Warrior trainings. Robert brings energy and enthusiasm to every interaction. He has a passion for seeing groups learn and grow in caring, safe, and encouraging environment.

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